1 Boss; 40 Nights; 40 Breweries

Come out and enjoy something your passionate about: beer, food and good company. Hosted at your favorite brewery. We will be using EACH CRAFT BREWERIES Spent Grains and Beer to make beer breads, pizza doughs, reduction sauces, and gelato. Beer will be used everywhere we can through out  our planned 4 course beer dinner.  Join us at your favorite Chicago land craft brewery for a special night.  A night of craft beer and food planed and executed by the Chicago Pizza Boss Mobile Pizzeria.


The Process

 Veggies, vegans, and carnivores welcome.Only 40 tickets will be sold at each participating brewery. Beer Dinners will be hosted at the brewery. Please choose which brewery you would like to attend and reserve your places at one or more of these events.


Milling Spent Grains

Spent Grains and beer are picked up from each brewery.  The grains are dehydrated, milled into flour and then sifted. What remains is fine spent grain flour. Beer is saved to make dough's, sauces, and gelato. If you are a vegetarian or vegan its no problem. The Boss will take care of you and make adjustments to the menu for you.

Beer Bread and Pizza Dough

 We want everyone to come out, and enjoy this 1st series of Italian Inspired Food made with beer everywhere possible.  Lets get together, enjoy each others company, with great conversation, delicious beer, and a well planed